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63788 - 567th Lane
Lewis, IA 51544

Telephone: 712-769-2323

The State of Iowa (Dept. of Natural Resources) owns the Hitchcock House. The Cass County Conservation board oversees the house for the Dept. of Natural Resources. They have appointed a board that manages all business.
Members of the Hitchcock House Advisory Board include:
    Floyd Pearce Chairman  
    Berneice lhrke Vice-Chair  
    Sandy Fairbairn Treasurer  
    Margaret Magill Secretary  
    Sid Winchell Events Coordinator  
    Sharon Guffey-Lewis Area Partnerships  
    Bill Worth Property committee  
    Denny Meyer Property committee  
    Dana Kunze Archivist  
    Caretaker John and Mayda Hotchkiss  


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